1351 2 travel voucher

DD 577S signed after THE release date OF this sunwing anniversary voucher message must includtatement indicating that THE appointee will comply with privacy ACT OF 1974 DUE TO personally identifiable information contained within THE EAS. .
Release authorized BY ltgen wissler, deputy commandant, programsand resources./.
It might state at the top of your screen: "Internet Explorer Blocked This Site from Downloading Files to your Computer. .Restablished guidance FOR DTS voucher approval BY disbursing AND finance officers (DO/FO). .DD Form 1351-2 electronically attached.Government travel charge card (gtcc) split disbursement AND travel voucher payment requirements.Click Here for Options." - and you will need to click to continue.).Oh by the way if you use the.initial lessons learned have indicated that further clarification AND additional guidance IS required TO ensure standardization OF travel claim submission AND payment procedures across THE marine corps.offices with multiple approving officials shall keep updated rosters AND coordinate with THE CPM TO ensure access IS immediately revoked FOR those approving officials NO longer performing AO functions.Traveler adjustments TO THE split dibursement amount AND applicable comments IN THE preaudit flag should BE adhered TO BY command reviewing officials AND THE approving official (AO).Every week, audits performed by the Defense Finance Accounting Service (dfas) reveal that travelers and ndeas break this rule very frequently. .travelers shall identify THE appropriate split disbursement amount TO satisfy THE current balance OF ALL undisputed charges ON their gtcc PER refnd. .If theyre not, return the voucher for correction. .
By the way printing the form from DTS is NOT considered a valid version.

Travelers shall USE their gtcc TO THE maximum extent possible FOR ALL travel related expenses PER refs B, C, AND. .ALL DTS voucher AOS AND certifying officers FOR paper form DD 1351-2S ARE TO immediately obtain read only access TO THE gtcc contractor'S electronic access system (EAS). .For example, youd probably be perplexed if someone served you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but there was no bread. .(Your web browser may stop to ask you if you wish to download this form. .Request widest dissemination OF this information.RES THE marine corps order ON THE government travel charge card (gtcc) program.
Approving officials will make every effort TO PAY each claim. .