2005 dunk contest

Replay Value : 85, the nike factory store employee discount Dynasty mode was enjoyable.
Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson provide some hilarious comments for the dunk contest.
Interface/Options : 94, nBA Live 2005 offers a solid selection of game modes.The Dynasty mode also improves in other areas, although they are improvements seen across many EA Sports games, such as the ability to scout or workout prospects before the draft.The PDA certainly makes navigating among the many menu screens easier, but I was hoping for a radio call-in show like the one in Madden.6) Lloyd Hickinson Fails To Dunk Over a Car in Mexico.Granted, you won't see Gary Payton or Shawn Bradley soaring above the rim, since only "dunkers" can take part, but you can step into the hightops of any leaper in the league, from LeBron to T-Mac.For the last few NBA seasons, Electronic Arts has been in a unique position: looking up at a competitor.And if players do space out, they often stand with their feet on the three-point line, thus preparing themselves for the worst possible shot in basketball (the farthest two-point field goal).The player reactions too lolll.The main shortfalls of the gameplay exist with player movement, namely those cutting players on the wings in the open court who always seem to stop at the three-point line, as if they were obedient players running to the X marked on the court during.A time to shine, but also, if youre not Vince Carter, a time to outright embarrass yourself.EA Sports is doing a good job with all of its games, adding all the front office variables (ticket prices, concessions, etc.) while making player transactions more difficult.A single cheerleader is one thing, but pulling 5 people from the crowd and failing to get over them?Although the possible results are restricted - either you make the dunk or you don't; either it's good or bad - you must enjoy the chemistry and accuracy of the duo's comments.
Everybody is watching and youve spent weeks preparing and then the worst case scenario happens you fail.

The multi-player experience is great, as rim-shaking dunks and not-in-my-house block shots are rampant.11) Shannon Brown Fails to Takeoff in Latvia.Luckily, he still won the contest.A penetrating guard often attracts help defenders (read above but instead of players moving to open spots on the court, they either stand like with the statue-like discipline of a British Palace Guard, or they follow the dribbler like it were a youth soccer game!While the All-Star and Rookie / Sophomore games are a ton of running and gunning fun, featuring more outlandish moves and dunks than the regular game, it's the Slam Dunk Contest that will have you hooked for months to come.I got no issues with girls being in dunk contests if theyre legit.If you want to alley-oop the ball off of the backboard, scoreboard, or one of the other objects in the arena, you can use the right analog stick to flip the ball in the air, bounce it off the ground, or even perform a soccer-style.What makes Live frustrating is the fact they want the best of both worlds, and it results in unfulfilling gameplay at times.While the spectacular dunks will no doubt garner a lot of press, we're here to tell you that the game features a lot more than just fancy aerial acrobatics.The player models remained basic, but the ability to see the game vertically instead of horizontally awed me in 1994.