a bloody show after a membrane sweep

They didn't do a sweep.
It hasnt been huge amounts but there were a few little passes with my last couple.
Hey- glad you asked this!I had a membrane sweep yesterday.A baby board i belong to for september has seen babies come and go and i am cialis coupon free sample the only one left who is due in single digits of September besides one other woman who is due the 9th (I am due the 2nd).Show more, had a membrane sweep done at 10:30am Pacific time and I still haven't had any bloody show.Does this count as anything happening?Does this count as my bloody show or my plug?I know that it's not a 100 chance it'll work, but If no show, does that mean I'm SOL?Or if only some people get it and its a good sign?Hello ladies, i know ive already posted on here this morning after my membrane sweep.Would be interested in if yours is still going or dies out!With baby 1 and had baby within 24 hours.
I have had a lot of pressure in my pelvic area and some more braxton hicks today but thats.
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Was wandering if everyone gets a bloody show after a sweep wether its favourable or not?As its now over 24 hours since I wondered if this is a sign or (after calling L D as I was concerned it was a so much) they said.I have had light mild spots of brown mucusy discharge when i wipe.You can get t right up till labour!I went in wed night with contractions every 5 mins and was 3-4cm, 100 effaced.No real dischagre though or spotting till this morning.These are the longest days of my life!I mean this isn't just pregnancy discharge but.This is also my 2nd sweep.I was 1cm dilated, 70 effaced with baby in -2 position.
Also - in answer to your question I had a sweep.
From 9am yesterday morning through till now I've been having SO much mucus that ranges from pink to brown to clear - not just a little but almost a spoonful everytime I wipe, wet pads.