alcon rebate balance

I called Alcon and was on hold for 20 minutes, then I accepted their offer to "keep my place in line" and call me back.
Thank you for contacting the Alcon Vision Care Rebate Center.The entries american discount marine here reminded me that I went through this last year, wasting so many hours for 6-7 months fighting with them to get my refund when all documents submitted were perfect.When I call them they say that it is being processed.It is a scam to get you to buy the product and they do not follow up with rebate.Who cares when the fitting was if I buy a year supply of your contacts.Given that I double checked the content of the rebate packed before sending it must be their offer that is invalid!You can't prove you had the form, UPC, receipt unless you made copies beforehand and they only have a phone where to email your information as proof.It was for 100.Allow 7 to 11 days.Pdoofey Nov 30, 2015 bunch OF bull I went through the whole process of sending everything and copying everything in July.My whole family wears contacts and we will be moving on to another brand.It appears to be long overdue with what I've been reading.

We'll see if I ever get.Joesmom Aug 14, 2015 A nightmare Basically the same scenario as the other reviewers.I still have my receipt for the contacts but don't have the actual rebate, so that's not enough.However, it looks like there was some very small print in the terms AND conditions that Eye Care Associates failed to tell me about.I had photocopied all my documentation sent and knew they had no reason to deny the claim.They told him that his rebate had been processed and that the refund was in the mail.
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