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The company is pulling the plug on Amazon Local, its Groupon-style daily deals site.
LivingSocial, too, has found itself in trouble as the market for daily deals withers.
The paid value, or dollar amount you paid, usually expires after the promotional value.Deals you have already purchased are not affected by this change and remain valid as specified on the vouchers.You may need to pay the difference between the paid value and the full price, though.You can see any of our fulldome public shows and laser/liquid sky shows with a Groupon.Most vouchers require that you use the entire value in a single visit, but some businesses allow partial uses of vouchers.What You Need to Know section of individual deals for redemption instructions, merchant and ticket provider contact information, purchase limits, expiration dates, and more.It's time to add another service to the list of Amazon's shuttered projects.If you happened to purchase one such deal, fret not, as Amazon says that all existing vouchers will be honored despite the shutdown.Due to state requirements that prohibit expiration periods, the paid value won't expire in California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington.If your Groupon has expired, we will honor the value of the voucher, but we cannot honor the discount.If you have any questions about seating or the pick-up name on your ticket for an event deal, you can contact the ticket provider.Your purchased vouchers can be found.For these events, we may honor the value of the voucher, but the discount will not apply.

The promotional value is the amount listed next.Note: If you've redeemed a coupon on Amazon Local instead of a voucher, the entire offer will expire at the time listed when you redeemed the coupon.You can access your used and unused vouchers by clicking on "Go to Your Orders" below.Please visit the help section of our website to learn more.It announced plans to layoff 20 percent of its staff this month.If the promotional value has expired but the paid value hasn't, the merchant must still honor use of the paid value.Amazon Local likely won't be missed, but the company says in a statement that its DNA may live on: "Weve learned a great deal from the daily deals business and will look for ways to apply these lessons in the future as we continue.Online deals such as Groupon, Living Social, Fiske Vouchers, and other discount coupons may not be accepted during surf contest shark some of our concerts and special events.