american airlines transportation voucher exchange coupon

She gave me the mailing address to send how to make a chimney sweep outfit the voucher to (as well as some magic words I needed to put on the envelope).
Dont misplace it, dont let it out of your sight, and for Gods sake, dont leave it alone in a hot car while you run errands, even if you leave the windows open a crack.How did it go?Content community technology social, insideFlyer was dollar hobbyz coupon code created by travelers, for travelers.When youre ready to redeem the voucher, go to an American Airlines ticketing desk at your nearest airport.Hes a smart guy, and pretty savvy when it comes to travel, so its a bit surprising hes having this much trouble. .Weeks passed and I didnt hear a peep from American about my reservation, and it didnt appear on my AAdvantage account online.Has anyone redeemed a paper voucher from American?You can probably guess what happened next.If you must redeem a voucher by mail, follow the agents instructions to the letter.
To wit, heres my latest series of questionable life choices that cost me 500 bucks in travel credit.
I felt like a lottery winner ( or a blog contest winner ).

Letters and phone calls to the airline have gone nowhere (which is, coincidentally, the only destination I can reach using my voucher now).My friends tell me about bad decisions they make while drunk.If you happen to see me in public, run the other way.He offered to share his experience to help others avoid similar mishaps.In an era where I can cash a check by snapping a photo of it and find casual sex partners with the swipe of a finger, why do I need to mail a paper voucher to some.O.They priced at a couple hundred dollars.Feel free to use the comments to tell me how dumb.Our intention was never to launch a website, our intention was to build a global brand for frequent flyers.We believe that learning about frequent flyer miles should be as fun as travel itself.Treat the voucher like cash or like your firstborn child.
I followed her instructions closely and dropped it in the mail the next morning.
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