at&t iphone rebate

The first being, if you do cancel, this suddenly becomes a very bad deal you lose your old phone and could be paying out close to full price for the new one.
All AT T Unlimited Plus and AT T Unlimited Choice customers police discounts will continue to get a 25 monthly video credit on applicable AT T video services.Reqs sync with compatible iPhone w/ AT T NumberSync on same account.This is an okay deal at best, and it gets worse the newer your trade-in.Addl usage, speed and other restrictions apply. .AT T, every year iPhone 7 32GB 549.99.34.92 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 669.99.34.92 iPhone 8 64GB 699.99.34.17 iPhone 8 256GB 849.99.34.42 iPhone 8 Plus 64GB 799.99.67.34 iPhone 8 Plus 256GB 949.99.67.59 iPhone X 64GB.After 18 months, your discount ends, and youll either have to shell out 175 to pay off the phone or hand it back in to Sprint.Youll get 50 percent off of a lease on the iPhone 8, which only covers three-quarters of the phones price.First, you have to trade in a recent high-end smartphone to qualify.AT T Unlimited Choice customers can apply this to their directv NOW service.If youd like to get your IRU discount, please visit a local AT T store or call us at 800.331.0500.Ordering online is now the easiest and fastest way to get your new smartphone from.AT T Unlimited Plus customers can use this credit towards directv, directv NOW or U-verse.
Weve simplified the process to upgrade to your new smartphone on m and the myAT T app.

Those subscribers now have a slightly different deal, which also lets them trade in the Galaxy S7 and allows the trade-in credit to be put toward other phones.27 and available as soon as Nov.First up is AT T, which has a buy one, get one offer on the 8 and 8 Plus.Pricing Details: device, nO-commit retail price, aT T, nEXT.If youre handing over an iPhone 6, then maybe this makes some sense, since you may have gotten up to three years of use out.AT T and Verizon only offer full payment, but T-Mobile and Sprint will also let you just hand the new phone back, too.
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There are a couple catches here: the first, and biggest, is that you have to be a DirecTV or U-Verse customer to qualify.