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And if you subscribe to 2GB of data, you'll pay 55 a month for the scrap tf raffle script data and 25 a month for the phone for a total of 80 a month for service.
At 4GB, the price of the service is exactly the same under the new pricing structure as it was under AT T's old pricing regime.
In exchange, you have to agree to stick with AT T for another two years.And you can deduct an additional 5 off each line for enrolling in free shipping coupon for lands end autopay.Those variable access fees that depended on the size of your plan?And please put "Ask Maggie" in the subject header.Other Options: Perhaps you want more headroom than 3GB has to offer.In other words, consumers can either buy a device at full price from AT T or another retailer or bring an unlocked or AT T-ready device to.No-contract plans: These plans are brand new.Customers signing up for this plan will get a discount on their monthly service if they buy their own device or already own one they can use on AT T's network.Will be either 30 of price or an amount ranging from currently 0 to 600 (amount subject to change, and may be higher ).2Reqs 0 APR 24 or 30-month installment agmt elig.Still, AT T's new pricing structure can offer savings for customers willing to hold onto their smartphones a bit longer and for those on either the low-end or the high-end of data usage.
Assuming you plan to use a lot and you don't want any restrictions on streaming video quality your best choice is AT T's Unlimited Plus plan.

At least AT T recently added a DirecTV Now bill credit to its Unlimited Choice Plan.AT T seems to have structured the new pricing in such a way that most individuals will pay about the same as they did under the old pricing plan.Bundling DirecTV satellite service with Unlimited Plus will run you 115 a month, while Unlimited Plus with DirecTV Now streaming costs 100 a month.Reqs stallment agmt svc.AT T still offers its traditional contract service plan, which allows you to purchase a new phone when your contract is up for renewal at a subsidized cost.No contract: Without a contract, you'll pay 650 for the device upfront.Customers who signed up for this service would be able to upgrade to a new device, again with no money down, every 12 months.I'm confused about what AT T offers in terms of service plans.The overage charges AT T would assess when you used to much data?However, you only get to keep that data an extra month before it disappears.Will they save any money under the new pricing structure?
But because customers are still technically paying full price for their devices, they have to tack on an additional charge for the device.