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This week, a fake dvla email that brazenly includes a reference to reporting phishing.
What about diesel cars?
What about driving abroad?In fact, the fraudsters plan to use this information to empty their victims bank accounts.Unless you email them first, you should not receive an email from the dvla offering to sort out your car tax refund; that's where the scam takes over.The fees are even higher to release an impounded car and chevy volt rebates and incentives prosecution costs and fines may still apply.Car-owners face an 80 fine for failing to tax their vehicle, unless it is off the road and has been declared sorn (statutory off-road notification).Most European countries require some form of tax disc or sticker on the windscreen and some motorists have expressed fears that foreign police might look askance at vehicles not displaying any tax documentation.So, for example, diesel Ford Fiestas will see a 20 rise in the first year, while tax for the Porsche Cayenne will increase by 500, says.

Perforations did not appear until 1938, and then disappeared again in 1942, to return in 1952."It's sneaky stuff and should give a useful boost to the exchequer, but at the expense of motorists.".Those caught driving a car without road tax by police face an on-the-spot fine, known as a fixed penalty notice (FPN of up to 1,000.Out-of-court settlements also doubled from 53,799 to 97,348 in the six-month period, while the number of cars clamped for unpaid road tax has soared from around 5,500 per month to 8,800.The simple steps YOU need to take to avoid being hacked in an online scam.It had been reported that the change cost the dvla around 1m, mostly in IT costs and in what the National Audit Office described as "additional compliance and enforcement activity" to cope with "higher initial levels of non-payment".Financial Times : it is ridiculous to further demonise diesel via differential taxes when drivers are already voting with their wheels.The changes "will not affect your current car, as long as you own it already or it will be registered to you before the Auto Express reports.Links to a website mocked up to look like a dvla online service are sometimes included in the message.How can I check if my vehicle is taxed correctly?Please click here to access the secure web form.
Skip to main content, cancel your vehicle tax by telling dvla you no longer have the vehicle or its off the road.
Since, motorists have no longer needed to display a paper tax disc in their windscreens.