bc ferries naming contests

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Service Reduction Princess, coastal Community Collapse, the Christy Clark Ark.The four MaK engines are advertised as "fuel efficient" and their combined 16,000 horsepower will propel the ferry along the route at 21 knots.If you think nominations like "Diabeetus "Fapple and "Sierra Mist" are bad, think again.Playground Nearby be prepared to slow down sign is in effect but with the warmer weather, the additional speed limit sign has been added, so drivers take care.Coastal Celebration features the Canadian women's hockey team (specifically Kim St-Pierre, Charline Labonte, and Sarah Vaillancourt) celebrating Olympic Gold at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games (Turin) and a scenic shot of deals and freebies on tax day Vancouver Island's Clay"Sound.Dew Dilemma, when, mountain Dew came up with a new green apple flavor, they asked the internet to come up with a creative name. .The ferries also boast an "environmentally friendly" waste separation and disposal system to minimize her impact on the e Coastal Class ferries were the first built offshore for BC Ferries.Acknowledgement The Coastal Celebration has a very short history, but it has been followed very closely by ferry enthusiasts in British Columbia since construction began.Vehicle Capacity: 370, passenger Capacity: 1,600, crew: 35, overall Length: 160.0 m, registered Length: 154.0 m, breadth:.20.

Coastal Deprivation/Coastal Devastation/Coastal Desperation, on Tuesday,.C.The winner was "Hitler did nothing wrong." Obviously Mountain Dew didn't go with that choice.For Further Reading New Ferries Section - Ferries of British Columbia Forum.The three Coastal Class ferries look almost the same.November 21 - Official maiden voyage and ribbon cutting ceremony.Bennett Bridge (always thought old foes Bill Bennett and Dave Barrett the Pacquiao-Mayweather of their day should have been honoured together, with New Democrats sticking to the left lane and Socreds to the right).August 15-22 - Drydocked in Esquimalt for inspections and minor modifications.Willingdon Beach playground is now protected by a speed control sign.
June 17 - Arrives in British Columbia.