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The 1st dancer worldwide, who performs with his inimitable Style Raks-Turk-î-Sanâd to the song of classical Turkish Art Music.
Suraiya from Poland, cristina Dore from Italy.Please visit the competition page for further information about who will be judging the different competitions and please visit our workshop page for full information on workshops topics and timetable.Your costumes pink blush coupon code august has to be professional in any style you wish.IDO requires that all competitors and judges must make sure that they have a valid insurance for Health Care and against Accident for when traveling abroad to compete in IDO-events.Please, make sure that the "Event" is published as "Official IDO Event", before you book travel and accommodation.The competition will be judged by the teachers of the isbf 2018 Prizes - Category ' Miss Solo Pro' 1st place: * 'Miss Summer Bellydance 2018' will be performing and teaching at our Summer Bellydance Festival in 2019 * Will be performing on August 26th.
Winners of the Contest, competition Winners 2017, picture by: Pedro Bonatto 1st place: Catarina Branco (Portugal) 2nd place: Ryana (Ukraine) 3rd place: Valentin Angelov (NL).
Prize - Category 'isbf 2018 Duet" 1st Place: * The winning Duet of isbf 2018 Cup will be performing at isbf 2019 Closing Gala * Will have the opportunity to take Full Pass at isbf 2018 for 50 discount * Will receive the isbf 2018.

He belongs in his young age because of his huge expert knowledge in dance to one of the most successful and well-known teachers and choreographers for classical and contemporary oriental dance in the whole world.Esmaralda Colabone from Brasil will be joining us at Danish Open Bellydance for the first time in 2018.3 minutes (category Solo) and max. Thanks!Please, always check for changes in the competition schedule and categories, because they can change according to the enrolments.Categories: - Miss/Mr Solo Pro (Miss/Mr Summer Bellydance 2018) - Miss/Mr Solo Rising Star - Duet (isbf 2018 Cup) - Group (isbf 2018 Cup) You can register at * All categorys for this competition will be 'Oriental' Bellydance.Competition Winners 2015 1st Place - Diana Zolnikova (Russia) 2nd Place - Kasia Wronko (Poland) 3rd Place - Silvia Brazzoli (Italy) competition Winners 2014, picture by: Jan Roelfsema 1st Place - Natalia (Brazil) 2nd Place - Jasirah (Poland) 3rd Place - Martina (Italy) competition Winners.Sharon Blade from Germany, more judges and teachers to be announced!All the Groups participants will receive a certificate, signed by the competition Judges.
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For many dancers and students from all over the world one of the 1st addresses for learning special and unique choreographies to present them worldwide on festivals and make gigantic and unforgettable shows.