best campaign giveaways

Real-world Facebook Giveaway Example #2: The Numbers: This giveaway had 24,400 views and a conversion rate.69, generating 11,200 email addresses for 10 prizes worth about 30 each.
Tenga Egg Well let you discover this one for yourself.
Moleskine Cahier Journals A set of sticky notes to write down ideas in the best Moleskine style.If it had stopped there, I would have been elated, but then in the 3rd quarter, it got better.Doing this (provided the design elements are proven) alongside a straightforward giveaway building platform makes it easy to create a lot of consistently successful campaigns.Real-world Facebook Giveaway Example #11: cabelas savage giveaway The Numbers: This Facebook giveaway received 468 entries.It doesn't get much more visually appealing than this.Christmas Weather Bath Bomb For those who want to celebrate Christmas all year long.Lollipops that taste like beer?
Shadow Coasters (perfect for the Halloween season) If your event is taking place during the Halloween season, then this is the perfect giveaway.

The idea is your event to be remembered for the right reasons.This humidifier fits nicely inside a bag or purse and can be used with any water bottle.Think about it - it's the Biryani festival in Dubai.Americano Colour Mugs A customisable travel mug.Voga Italia Prosecco is vibrant and intense.Phone Stand Another phone stand!Real-world Facebook Giveaway Example #17: The Numbers: This Facebook giveaway received 5,287 entries.I also like "win one of 10 which subjectively increases the feeling that you have a real shot at winning.The images: When people think about "Super Bowl party most think chips and salsa.Wink* Love Kisses Sandwich Bags No coworker will ever eat your sandwich again.