best cars to win gt5 races

The first time you do the track, make note of the top speed that giveaway items brisbane you get on the longest straight!
Seriously tens of thousands of XP per race, I was floored.
Its not in the dealership, and it wont pop up in the used car section either.
Nissan GTR 07, cost: 77,700, the GTR 07 is one of far too many Nissans in the game and is thus easy to overlook.Like Jungle, Gran Turismo 5 is massive.It may take a few tries, but keep.Cobra Daytona Coupe 15th Anniversary Edition, just boost the power up a bit and remember to change your transmission settings (get the customizable transmission)!With the Smashing Pumpkins!Its also worth telling you that garbuckle over has created a rather brilliant Gran Turismo Matrix PDF file (which you can find here ) detailing all of the games events, cars, trophies and their related credit and experience values.Once you find that, set your transmission top speed to whatever the speed your car topped out.Of cash and experience.

Because its so big and there are over a thousand cars to choose from, its pretty easy to waste valuable time and effort buying and tuning cars that arent quite up to scratch.Bought an Enzo afterward!Transmission tuning is the most important aspect for this race.It is only required specifically for the FGT series at level 23, but this supercar will win you any event you stick it in and is a godsend for B-Spec when you just want to leave it running in the background while you pop off.I just thought it would be the Nordschleife but they had you start on some weird extra portion that I kept confusing with the GP track.A License Bronze: Nissan mm-R Cup Car '01 (S).IA License Gold: Ford GT (No Stripe) '05 (S) *plus silver and bronze prizes, iA License Silver: Land Rover Range Stormer Concept '04 (S) *plus bronze prize, iA License Bronze: Dodge RAM 1500 laramie Hemi Quad Cab '04 (S).