best way to promote your music on facebook

Make it interactive, social media is a terrific platform to interact with discount adidas superstar your fans.
Remember to update it as often as your social network profile though.Currently UK focused only.There are red coach discount all manner of widgets and plug-ins available for social networks, but while they may look flashy, having too many may obscure the important info on your profile.Not only do you have the smartest minds in the industry sharing their case studies and tips on what does and doesnt work, but youll also meet lots of music industry contacts.Dedicate some time to your fans.If you're an independent act, your goal is to get your music heard as much as possible.#30 Find DJs to remix your music post their mixes on Mixcloud tickets at work promo code universal When I began my career as a dance music producer (after years of drumming in a metal band?!) I managed to get my music released on various labels by offering to remix their.The more fans you have, the more options there are.Afterwards, he uploaded all of these photos to Facebook for fans to tag themselves.While I suspect they may have an advert for the company on the back, this is a good way to print a bunch of flyers for you gig free of charge.
If you have a few minutes spare, have a scan over their opportunities here, and apply to any that look like a good fit.
Other examples could be fans submitting artwork for your next single, or if the music is instrumental, submitting poetry to go along with the release.

FanDistro is a brilliant way of increasing your social media engagement artists like.The sad truth is that the quality of your music won't always be enough to get you noticed.Keep an eye on emerging services and think creatively about how you might be able to use it to get coverage for your music.#27 Start your own blog Ive written about why artists should blog before, but in short, its one of the best ways to build up a passive audience, communicate with your fans, while getting countless opportunities for you and your music.However, Google do offer free 75 vouchers (which you have to pay 25 to activate so it might be worth a try.Several artists will use the "free download if you like our.Every year Midem puts out a call for bands to play at the annual music industry conference.I hope these tips have all been useful - if you have any other tips, please post them in the comments below.Add new photos frequently and generally keep your profile looking busy.
Talk in a conversational manner, post pictures of the band doing average things, such as stopping for a milkshake on the road, or doing something touristy.
Recently, he's been providing the stems to his tracks via Facebook for his fans to download and remix.