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This enabled the Coca-Cola Company to spread risk across many product lines rather than depend only on one and to help generate sales and boost profits within its organization (Hair, Lamb, McDaniel, 2006,.
The advertising part of the promotional mix allows the organization to reach the masses with its product.Target Market, as Coca-Cola's mission statement states it wants to "refresh the world" (Coca-Cola Company, 2006).They would like to focus on providing juices, sport drinks, and water lines that will aim at the more health conscious market.The four aspects of the promotional mix are advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling (Hair, Lamb, McDaniel, 2006,.Industry Analysis, the Coca-Cola Company falls in the beverage industry with many other developing companies.The company has also agreed to only advertise healthier products towards this targeted market.The Coca-Cola segments work together as well as dependent from each other to fit their demographic segments.In additions, "√Ęthe Institute works with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to research the active ingredients in Chinese medicinal beverages and soups for the potential development of new beverages" (The Coca-Cola Company Annual Review, 2006).Some of these included relaxation, hydration, weight management, and heart health (MacAuthor Thompson, 2006).Leading the beverage industry by generating revenues of 24,088 million dollars, Coca-Cola's closest competition in this industry is family feud contestant application australia Coca-Cola Enterprises and Anheuser-Busch.Since their product is a convenience product, it requires a wide distribution in order to meet profit goals (Hair, Lamb, McDaniel, 2006,.
The market is shifting from soft drinks to juices, sport drinks, and water products.
Coca-Cola has been making new improvements all over the globe for their operating segments.

The Coca-Cola Company often uses is a spokesperson to appeal to the younger more youthful (Hair, Lamb, McDaniel, 2006,.This type of product mix allows the Coca-Cola Company to achieve its mission statement in which it states that it wants to "refresh the world" (Coca-Cola Company, 2006).E.ON offers a range of home energy services, including boiler and central heating installation and maintenance.For example, Coca-Cola's PowerAde is a sports drink that is aimed at athletic men and women, where as its diet soft drinks are targeted at consumers who are of older age (Clark, 2005).Their main values include: leadership, passion, integrity, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and quality (Coca-Cola Company 2006).Today the Coca-Cola Company spends most of its money on advertising that maintains the brands awareness (Hair, Lamb, McDaniel, 2006,.Since 2006, the market has been seen as a complex environment and to help fix this problem, Coca-Cola conducted a thorough company analysis through their departments and segments.This will be their major focus in the future, because they feel this is where their major growth opportunities lie.Coca-Cola's brand name is valued higher than their biggest competitor, Pepsi.Nottingham, nG1 6WR, contact Information, general Information,.ON (formerly Powergen) is one of the UKs leading power and gas companies generating and distributing electricity and retailing power and gas to millions of homes and businesses in the.
Even though Coca-Cola has interesting ways to promote their products, they need to find an effective way that will sell and promote their whole product line.