bulwer lytton contest 2016

But while I don't know whether this is what Bjorn was going for, what made me laugh is that I actually encounter this phenomenon from time to time for instance, I was once reading a Wikipedia article that cheerfully informed me that "On November.
Other entries suggested authors trying really really hard to be gothic, or epic, or "street Ebony watched over the rain-wet street, her raven hair slicked by the rain.
On the flip side, while bad but not funny isnt what this contest is about, neither is funny but not bad. .She still has to hop around everywhere! .Your goal is to make it hilariously bad.His own dear flesh, his dear old blood.Your task is to write the beginning of an imaginary novel. .If we recognize where those numbers come from that they are overly precise equivalents of "six feet" and "200 pounds" all the better. .Here are a couple wet contest t shirt more: Amy was not going to be the only girl in her seventh-grade class without a boyfriend, and she knew just how to get one.See the history pages linked above to get the feel for what sort of thing tends to win.You must submit your name and a working email address. .And when I did, when I did, oh, there would be words.".NFL referee and Omaha attorney Clete Blakeman maintains his own special equilibrium.Cancer is always bad, but in the 1960s it was worse than it is today.Outwardly, they maintained the appearances of proper, educated Christians, but behind closed doors, they engaged in love triangles, in-fighting, drug use, and bad financial investments.
What gets me about this one is that "gore" and "violence" both fail as similes, for opposite reasons: it makes no sense to compare gore to blood because gore is blood, while violence is an abstraction. .

The individual stroked his mustache, following it up with a stroke to his beard.On the flip side, significant butchering of the language (as opposed to subtle butchering) isnt all that funny either. .Here's one in which the fractured syntax does the heavy comedic lifting: Yeah, it kicks ass to be living in this high-rent apartment with my girlfriend whos real hot and I fuck her.Come on, you have holograms but you haven't invented long filenames? .Or even earlier still!But still, the idea of a novel from 1974 or so sounding the alarm that in less than twenty years we will be reduced to a few last stragglers, living underground lest we dissolve in the low-pH downpour, is pretty delightful.It was it blighted forests, killed off fish, corroded statues. .