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To make sure you enter the redemption code metal door sweep replacement correctly, you may want to copy and paste it from the voucher into the redemption code entry box when you're at the PayPal screen.
You will not even be aware that the buyer used a voucher.
What's the difference between a coupon and a voucher?How do I redeem a voucher?You can use your coupon in the same way that you use a voucher, as detailed in these FAQs.What is a voucher?You enter the redemption code when you are paying for an eBay item using PayPal.How do I make a payment using a redemption code?Some vouchers are only valid for the recipient, but others can be shared.You need to meet the requirements of the voucher in order to redeem.What happens if the buyer returns the item and, as a seller, I refund the PayPal payment?If the voucher includes an email address, that address must be registered with philippine sweepstakes draw the PayPal account you use to pay for your item.What do I do with the redemption code on my voucher?Item must be paid for using PayPal within 10 days of the item listing's completion on eBay.To make a payment using a redemption code that is already associated with your PayPal account: Click the Select Code button on the Confirm Your Payment or Check Payment Details page.Will I know if a buyer's used a voucher on a payment?If the refund or chargeback is processed through PayPal, then the amount of the voucher will be refunded back to the voucher issuer and the remainder of the payment will be refunded to the buyer.Once youve 'completed this step, you can redeem the voucher on an eBay purchase.

The email address associated with my voucher is different to the one I use for my PayPal account.How do vouchers benefit sellers?This allows PayPal to validate the voucher and display your discount.If a buyer uses a voucher, will the payment I receive change?Verify all the information and click Pay.Most vouchers can be used only by you, but sometimes you can share vouchers.This will be mentioned on the voucher and detailed in the relevant terms conditions.
Can I use someone else's voucher?
My voucher states I can only use it in a particular category.