can i raffle off my house in alberta

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What about paying taxes?
Mr Low hopes to sell 500,000 of the 2 tickets via his website, covering the value of the house and costs including "stamp duty and legal fees, to complete any last minute jobs to ensure the house is as perfect as possible for fresh direct promo code february 2015 the next.Top how can i win free tickets to disneyland Questions Answers In, real Estate, if I was to gift my goddaughter a piece of property for 1 will I have to pay IRS tax on this?How much of the profit has to go to charity?Not what you need?Point, a Point is one percent of a loan amount.3 Answers 30 Views Asked in Real Estate, is a broken window the landlord's or tenant's responsibility?You are able to no longer raffle it yet you would be waiting to create a interest of means with a fee for each get right of entry to - something like 'spot the ball' or 'what proportion beans can fit in a Passat'.Find your legal advice.Can I file a quitclaim deed myself or should I consult a lawyer?Are you an attorney?If it does sell, the money raised from ticket sales will become the prize.The Georgian manor house has six bedrooms, luxury kitchen and bathroom with Fired Earth fittings, expansive gardens and parking for around six cars.
Facing repossession, Mr Low decided to try a different tack, inviting the public to pay 2 to be in with a chance to win the property.
Laws may vary from state to state, and sometimes change.

The nonprofit can then raffle off your house, and you'll get a tax deduction - not cash.On the website m, mr Low writes: "After lovingly renovating our house between 20 we have struggled to pay the mortgage, and have tried but failed to sell the property through traditional routes and we would like to avoid repossession.Application, your Application is a series of documents you must fill out when you apply for a home loan, or insurance policies.The house has six bedrooms and parking for six cars Credit: Dunstan Low.Tiny variations in the facts, or a fact not set forth in a question, often can change a legal outcome or an attorney's conclusion.I cannot find a real estate lawyer who knows how to do this.Important notice: The Answer(s) provided above are for general information only.
The house will now be sold by online raffle Credit: Dunstan Low.
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