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Cattle are commonly raised as livestock for meat (beef and veal as dairy animals for milk and other dairy products, and as draft animals ( oxen or bullocks that pull carts, plows and other implements).Luke is depicted as an ox in Christian art.If you desire a biggest rebates on 2015 vehicles sheeted system and System 2000 is out of your price range, the Cattlemans System is for you."Extremely drug resistant tuberculosis is there hope for a cure?" (PDF).It will handle bulls, large cows, and even calves if necessary.2011 Cattle: History, Myth, Art.Both the primary olfactory system using the olfactory bulbs, and the secondary olfactory system using the vomeronasal organ are used.The New York Times.Oxen are used for plowing, transport, hauling cargo, grain-grinding by trampling or by powering machines, irrigation by powering pumps, and wagon drawing."Applied ethology in a nomadic cattle culture".
"Signs of Heat (Heat Detection and Timing of Insemination for Cattle.

The Value Head Gate I is a self-catch design and works best with polled or dehorned cattle.134 135 Chillingham cattle is sometimes regarded as a feral breed.About.3 million draft oxen are used in sub-Saharan Africa.There is a diurnal rhythm in suckling activity with peaks between pokemon ninjask sweep 05:0007:00, 10:0013:00 and 17:0021:00.16.99, classic and durable, this House Handle walking stock cane handle is crafted of the finest Grade AA white and red hickory and white oak.98 Cattle adjust other aspects of their grazing behavior in relation to the available food; foraging velocity decreases and intake rate increases in areas of abundant palatable forage.
For example, to synchronise ovulation of the cattle to benefit dairy farming.
109 Modern mitochondrial DNA variation indicates the taurine line may have arisen from as few as 80 aurochs tamed in the upper reaches dollar hobbyz coupon code of Mesopotamia near the villages of Çayönü Tepesi in southeastern Turkey and Dja'de el-Mughara in northern Iraq.