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Some of the lenses are glass, which is scratch resistant of to begin with.
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Green Mirror: These are an ideal option for high contrast in bright sunlight and for fishing.But these are basically great looking, sporty sunglasses that take eye protection and good visibility very seriously.If you're a guy, and you know you want a great pair of performance sunglasses, but you don't know where to start with our huge selection of Costa del Mar shades, the Brine is a good starting point.They eliminate glare at a wavelength of 580 nanometers, which is in the yellow part of the spectrum.It is designed to eliminate glare at a wavelength of 400 nanometers, which is on the blue end of the spectrum, in order to give the wearer clearer vision and little or no eyestrain.Costa Del Mar Sunglasses for Sport and Fun.They have polarized lenses and are lightweight and made for harsh sun environments.Copper Silver Mirror: These are versatile choices for numerous activities in varying light.
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Whether you're looking for the genuine article, a knockoff or replica, choose from boscov's promo code march 2016 authentic designer brands or inspired and replica sun glasses to meet your fit, form, and function needs.Copper: A great option for a range of activities, from driving to sailing in variable light.Florida-based brand Costa Del Mar offers many styles of men's sunglasses that are designed to fit well and protect the eyes on any outdoor adventure or sea excursion.What lens color options are available?The technology is cutting edge and, simply put, the best eye protection available anywhere!But these are just a few of the many, many designs of Costa del Mar sunglasses we sell.Sunglasses provide protection from annoying and dangerous glare.
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