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CN p1 Robs just champion.
R.Rawlinson p86 Nos of burials and where.09.1853 p4 Proposed and reports on state of burial grounds.06.1856 p5 Description of Richardson St cemetery Carlisle Examiner.07.1857 p3 Number of burials first six months Carlisle Examiner.07.1857 p3 Barn on urns; Mr Whitridges.
Crucifix of 800 years fresco See also Paintings cwaas NS Vol 8 pp234-5 Vanished wall painting; illus gaslight Carlisle Examiner.12.1857 p3b Gaslight in cathedral gates free coupons for parent choice diapers - officially opened in 1930; restored 1989 tobi promo code january 2014 CN p13 Cathedral Gates 17,000 facelift CN p4 Opening access to Cathedral.
27.11.1895 Rev tterworth becomes Vicar and the distinctive Catholic teaching with which Christ Church has ever since been associated, began Feb 1897 meeting held to consider improvement of church.03.1897 p6c Objectionable religious ornament; consistory court.10.1898 Christ Church reopened after seating and improvement.See Northern History Vol XX, 1984.Waggon AND horses Bridge Street; in local directories to 1914; closed 1917 by State Management; demolished 1924 for widening of Caldew Bridge.Checkatrade member, based in, member for, reports, rating.Mr Castiglione tenant No for William Hudson Scott; architect.D.Oliver; converted to private school called Red Gables; called Red Gables on 1901 census Building News.11.1885 Illustration of design CJ William Hudson Scott dies here.05.1885 Acceptance of design for Royal Academy exhibition Nos.Wadsworth road On electoral register from 1997-98; Mick Wadsworth was a former manager of Carlisle United.Carlyle, N 19 English St, grocer, cD 1880 Ad pxxiv; established 30 years.Wakefield villa, Kingstown Rd Died William Bell of Wakefield Villa, Kingstwon Rd Stanwix MI 244/2.See Northern History Vol XX, 1984 waste paper recovery See also Recycling CJ p1 Tentative plans proposed CN p3 Recycling in pipeline water childcare voucher definition see water supply watergate lane Near John Street; so marked on Woods 1821 map of city.05.1817 p1 Cotton Mill.The doomed were chained by their necks to the left wall and stood on the ledge, often stepping there from to end their misery.

Castle St Toy dealers and hardware CD 1952 Ad p388 chambers Castle Street Dyeing Guide to Carlisle Ad C 178 chambers court, Caldewgate City Minutes 1929-30 p650 One house unfit for human habitation chancellors OF carlisle diocese; Charles James Burton ; Richard Saul Ferguson ;.His home was 37 Aglionby St General smiths; CD 1902-03 Ad p230 CD 1905-06 Ad p11 CD 1907-08 Ad p13 CD 1910-11 Ad p12 CD 1913-14 Ad p9 CD 1920 Ad p58 CD 1924 Ad p72 CD 1927 Ad p76 CD 1931 Ad p96 lson.Capitals Seasonal carvings executed about 1350 cwaas OS Vol 2 pp Seasonal representations cwaas 3rd series vol 5, 2005 carvings of labours of month pp115- ceiling CN p14 Ceiling restoration in 1853 CN p1 Ceiling repainting CN p8 (illus) Ceiling repainting chalice CN p5 New.A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,.Gaol closed, pulled down 1931; County Court moved to Castle.Architecture, Art and Archaelogy pp 214-222 Choir stall paintings CN p6 Redesigning the choir stalls statues CN p3 Eastern exterior statues of Peter, Paul, James and John taken down for restoration statutes Round Carlisle Cross Vol 6 pp 91-101 Carlisle Cathedral Statutes tapestry.Architecture, Art and Archaelogy pp mpson The Chancel Roof of Carlisle Cathedral; its architecture and historical context sandstone Cumbria Vol 32 p661 Restoration of seal CN p19 Seal that shows old cathedral seats cwaas NS Vol 8 pp 9 333-4 Dispute over seats with Miss.46 Sheffield Street was also the address of the photographer drews.Woodwork p12 Woodwork CN p21 Eagle eyed guide solves mystery catholic nursery school - Currock CJ p10 Carlisles first nursery school catholics see roman catholics, durranhill convent, ST margaret marys ST cuthberts, OUR lady AND ST josephs, ST augustines, ST bedes christ THE king, convent.Jefferson, S; History and Antiquities of Carlisle, 1838, p83 Taken down about 1790.
Patent for unfermented bread Chambers Edinburgh Jnl.09.1848 Working conditions,4pp (see Fell Fine Baker).09.1873 p4 Fire at Carrs.12.1880 p1b; Ad; for sale or let their Castle St premises.04.1885 p7 Embezzlement by Carrs commercial traveller.10.1892 p5d Fatal accident.