chimney sweeping brush sizes

Another advantage of ordering chimney brushes and other fireplace chimney cleaning products from us is our online dog halloween costume contest prompt delivery policy.
We also carry square and rectangular chimney brushes and the rule of thumb in sizing a square or rectangular-shaped chimney brush is a bit different than that of a round chimney brush.
We offer all sizes of our round, rectangle and square 3/8-inch thread professional quality wire ProSweep chimney brushes for masonry/brick chimneys.Threads, all of our chimney brushes have a 1/2" thread (Whitworth).For more serious jobs and industrial use look for the 'Professional' tag.These versatile chimney brushes are available in three sizes: 8 inch, 12 inch, and 16 inch round.They work well based on the fact that a brush larger than the size of the flue is used creating an overszied fit that stuffs and bends in the chimney.If the chimney cleaning needs to be done from the bottom of the chimney and flexibility for turns is required, the Proflex rods are the right choice.Most chimney brushes and chimney brush kits are shipped the same day they're ordered.
You can be assured that any chimney cleaning brush or other chimney cleaning tool you buy from m will withstand the rigors and demands of chimney cleaning.
A complete range of chimney brushes and accessories including chimney sweeping rods, soot cloths, hearth sheets, scrapers etc.

Our advice for selecting midwayusa free shipping promo code 2013 the appropriate size round chimney brush is to match the chimney brush as closely as possible with the diameter of the flue.When selecting a chimney rod you need to know how much strength or flexiblity is needed and if the chimney cleaning will be done from the top of the chimney or from inside the house.ProSweep poly chimney brushes are the best choice for cleaning metal pipe chimneys.A chimney brush is an essential weapon in the battle against accumulations of creosote deposits.If you have any questions about the chimney cleaning tools or chimney sweep brushes and rods we sell, don't hesitate to call.Chimney-Brushes, this category contains chimney brushes and the accessories, such as corresponding rods for both masonry and metal chimneys.Any of our 'Homeowners' items are easy to use and make cleaning your chimney a snap.Our nylon chimney rods have a 1/2" thread (Whitworth).There is a brush adaptor available below 1/2" to 3/4" to enable our brushes to attach to our polypropylene rods.We recommend choosing a chimney brush that's 1/2 to 1 inch larger than the inside length and width of the flue.