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You can see more about this seminar here.
There were some delays regarding ordering parts, due to the customs procedures.
The WMF mission is "to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally." Revenues for this quarter edit Provide exchange rate used: Table.
Media activities edit TV appearances: Ivana Madarevi was a guest on "Good Morning Belgrade " on Studio B Ivana Madarevi was a guest on The Grand Magazine on Pink Ivana Madarevi was a guest on local television in Ni, Belle Amie Miroslav Loci has appeared.Certain preparations of the material and activity planning have been made in this quarter.Please also include any in-kind contributions or resources that you have received in this revenues table.Liquid Art - Drina Biodiversity - Activities entailed a field trip, recording and collecting material, editing and uploading it on Commons.Photo Safari: The Safari itself did not come to realization, even though it was originally planned, so the plans of our volunteers were somewhat hindered.Signature edit Once complete, please sign below with the usual four tildes.Over 300 objects have been mapped out in five townships.The section Events on our website has been updated on regular basis.Thursdays from 3PM to 8PM are Power Hours.In this quarter, the projects that were implemented within the Microgrants were current, so we had to communicate with their leaders, made numerous contacts which were very useful regarding media coverage as well as to build good relationships with various institutions.Two field works were planned, which would span over several days, and each of them is expected to bring us photographs of at least one mammal species, 5 photographs of invertebrate larvae, 20 photographs of plant species, one photograph of a specific ecosystem, 10 photographs.The objective of this program is to enable Wikimedians to make aerial photographs, since currently theyre not able.

It is in an anthology available here.Contents, global metrics overview - all programs edit, we are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees' programs.We expect to have at least 3 projects that would fit the description, one in the first half of the year and two deals and freebies on tax day in second half, with at least 5 volunteers participating in their realization.Community members were notified about all the activities on projects on the blog, mailing lists, Wikipedia Village Pump, wmrs web site.Regarding this, a meeting was held with assistants from the departments for the following languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Slovak, Ukrainian.So far significant changes were not planned regarding the plan and program of Wikimedia Serbia.Any additional details : Free Photo Content edit Free Photo Content What are the objectives of this program?Bearing in mind the successful cooperation that has been present for a long time with the University Library "Svetozar Markovi we decided to contact them and see if they are interested.In the past, we worked on planning of this event which is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th.Purpose of the report edit, this form is for organizations receiving Annual Plan Grants to report on their results to date.Any additional details : Competitions edit Competitions What are the objectives of this program?
Wiki Loves Science is a continuation of the same project from 20, with the goal of promoting Open Standards and Open Access through lectures by experts and public debates.
The idea is to officially open the project in October/November this year, so media promotion of the project and Wikimedia Serbia was also addressed at the meeting, and the subsequent results that this project can bring.