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Or is someone else I think that we are all going to share it together the four of us girls.
But here in this place, the rock does not belong 36 12/16 6pm The rock is not near to kklz.
You Seek the kklz Jingle Bell Rock on your little trip, if on the right course avoid the dip.
Any materials submitted become the property of the station and will not be returned.12/4 8:10 A thousand feet high, the tallest in town, the rock is not here, so please come back down.11/25 8:10am In like a lion and out like a lamb.12/12 6:10 Kings, queens, and princes might soon picnic here.12/2 investor's business daily subscription services extra bonus You live in a desert But still you find water Head into Miz Lola's At least bet a quarter.Jingle Bell Rock 2008 kklz.3 This rock was found near North Las Vegas airport cheyene valley.If bissell swift sweep sweeper 2201b you walk towards it, that's where the rock was.Please pass the bowl of silver and keep on moving south.A daily bonus clue will be posted at all five Miz Lola's locations, address listed.Like good ol "Big Jim Cashman" without his heavy equipment this town would probably not be here today.

Charley to the right, ahead the rocks are red, behind the night is bright.12/11 1:10 Popcorn and Milk Duds, you sit in the dark.The answer is "No so go elsewhere to roam.11/30 8:10 First of it's kind on the Las Vegas strip, Bugsy's got nothing you want on this trip.Sumerlin is not the rock's location 26 12/13 1pm In the south of the valley there's a diamond that's blue.Tropicana #800, Las Vegas, NV 89119, during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.If you're hunting with floyd you're now in a jam.By participating in this contest, listeners agree to be bound by these rules.Kklz reserves the right to end this contest or amend these rules upon announcement on air or publication.It's just a mirage so the rock won't be found.96.3 kklz read more FCC Public File.
Even (yeah)yesterday, yeah, we had champagne with it, we took it out for dinner.