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Like how we perform on the course?If the recipient of that winning mail piece returns to your showroom with piece in hand, they walk away with the contest's grand prize!Below you can find a variety of different basketball contest insurance packages that we can provide coverage for.Youll need to discuss this with PrizeTech.For example, if there was a technical glitch in how the contest winner was picked, the insurance coverage will help pay for anything outside your premium that is agreed within your insurance plan.Contestants must successfully land an olive in a martini glass from 20 feet away.If you're interested in learning more, phone us at and speak to one of our contest consultants.Prize Insurance as a Business Boost.Simply call us at to find out more!Half-Court Shots - Full-Court Shots - 3pt Shootouts.This contest is perfect for radio and television station promotions.What Prizes Can We Offer?The purpose of having a contest insurance is mainly due to the unforeseeable happening.Rapid Fire - Think you're fast?The cost of prize insurance is based upon three things: the value of the prize you want to give away, the probability of the event occurring, and the number of attempts made to win the prize.
Full-Court Shot - How's your accuracy from 94 feet?
To secure coverage for this type of contest insurance, and to learn more about the ways in which US Hole In One can help boost your bottom line, call.

If one of your contestants is able to reel off an impressive set of consecutive free mail manufacturer coupons strikes and finishes with a perfect score of 300, they're a winner!Feats could include: Back-to-Back Home Runs, grand Slam, hit for the Cycle, inside the Park Home Run.Half-Court Shot - 41'9" inches is all that separates your fan coupons for amf bowling lanes from the grand prize.That's the power of prize insurance from Odds On Promotions.A Hole-in-One golf contest is a great way to promote your charity golf event where PrizeTech will insure your prize and take all the risk for paying out the prizes.These insured prizes help make sure your event is more exciting, more successful and leads to more sales, data capture or marketing exposure.Tennis Accurate Serve - Return Serve Targets Get your raquets ready for some exciting tennis contest coverage from US Hole In One.If you want your business to stand out from the crowd and be requesting raffle prizes from companies noticed by your customers, investing in prize insurance could be the next best thing to finding a trending product.If you're interested in learning more about a particular contest, or have an idea of your own, feel free to contact us at Weather Promotions - Let it snow!
Whether you are the school running a charitable event with the chance to win the latest Toyota Hybrid as a prize, or even the casino that runs massive million dollar gaming tournaments on a daily basis, having prize indemnity insurance can save your business from.