council tax benefit calculator liverpool

Do you, your partner or anyone normally included in your household (except non dependants) receive one of the following benefits?
NoYes Unless you answered "Yes" to the question immediately above, enter a weekly total for all of the following benefits received by you or your partner.
Step 2: Council Tax.
Step 10: Childcare This section requests ae online coupons your eligible childcare charges (up to 175 p/w for 1 child or 300 for more) and the best deals with coupons at rite aid student expenses.Or on Universal Credit and either working less than 16 hours or not working but aged 25 or over.Maintenance received from a former partner?Between you and your partner, in an average week how many hours are you working?Have you been receiving Housing/Council Tax Benefit without a break since?There will be many and varied exemptions from these cuts - contact the council for specific advice.As mentioned at Step 3, skip to step 12 if you are on Income Support, Income-based JSA, Income-related ESA or PGC.To some extent this restriction is governed by the child tax credit rules, which appear to lift the HB '2 child limit' where CTC has been claimed for 3 or more children.Unearned income from all other sources each week.Please make them weekly.
Or you (the claimant only) have been off work sick for at least 52 weeks bissell natural sweep dual brush sweeper 92n0 (28 if terminally ill) with medical evidence/sick notes?
Is your property rented from a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) (a Housing Association, Council or similar) and 'under occupied' because of spare bedrooms?

For Council Tax Support a 20 of the "excess income" taper is deducted from the maximum award.Fortnightly and monthly figures are automatically converted to weekly amounts.Please note for Council Tax Support only - if you are Self Employed and have been trading more than 12 months we usually take a minimum income in to account.Income from non-family boarders (meals included).30 or more16 to 30under 16 Step 8: Unearned Income This section requests your Unearned income figures for you (and your partner).Give figures for the claimant (and partner).
Under 2424 to 3030 or more Are you or your partner working 16 hours or more p/w while the other is incapacitated, in prison, or hospital inpatient?