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Excerpt: I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black mans armsdead giveaway!
Birmingham, AL 14 of.
After kicking down a door to free Amanda Berry, he gave a hilarious interview to a local news reporter, which went viral within hours.
The 3 young women, along with a 6 year old victim has been missing for an entire decade, and a McDonalds-eating, BBQ-rib loving, Afro sporting Charles Ramsey saved their lives!What do you think?Fragile It Must.An interesting debate that has sprung up following Ramseys instant internet fame is the question of whether such meme-ification is appropriate.For all the justified hand-wringing about whether working-class minorities are being caricatured, it seems the overwhelming sentiment about Ramsey is one of admiration, at least for the time being.Flint, MI 20 of 20 Charles Ramsey Latest Photos 21 photos Radio One Cincinnati Holiday Party Behind the Scenes with the Z Squad at 100 photos Backstage with the Z Squad at #Z1079WhiteOut Photos Copyright 2017 Interactive One, LLC.But hes a meme because hes black and on TV, discount code currys camera and because so many choose to ignore the horrible realities of the crime.Posted By 216 Radio Blogger 0 reads, leave a comment, dEAD giveaway Hero att uverse internet coupon code 2015 Charles Ramsey Songified.Harford, CT 7 of.Some amateurs tried to make this happen immediately after the Cleveland kidnapping story broke, but now the the masters of the craft, Schmoyoho, have officially weighed.The Cleveland resident, who told reporters he was eating McDonalds when he first heard the cries coming from the home, got a shout out from the fast food chain.Things are looking up for Ramsey.Check out his autotune video that has taken the internet by storm.Detroit, MI 19 of.Nashville, TN 2 of.Newark, NJ 1 of.
The Gregory Brothers mixmasters who shot to fame for their "Bedroom Intruder Song" and "Backing Up" in 2010 give Ramsey the Auto-Tune treatment in a video they uploaded to yesterday.
Their previous hits include.

Baltimore, MD 12 of.Charles Ramsey Hero In Freeing Amanda Berry and Missing Girls (video).Added: December 24, 2013 at 7:24 am Tags: a christmas story, fragile, italian, lamp, leg, major award, shaggy Off, added: April 24, 2015 at 3:18 pm Tags: higgins, Jimmy Fallon, rap battle, shaggy, shaggy off, tonight show, vs Sneaky Professor Giving Lecture Added: May.Thats right, its neighbor Charles Ramsey!New Haven, CT 8 of.Stockton, CA 11 of.Buffalo, NY 6 of.That didn't take long.Video update: cleveland girls found after 10 years missing, 3 brothers arrested 20 photos, launch gallery.Ramsey also met up with, anderson Cooper for another memorable interview.Will Charles Ramsey be the breakout viral video star of 2013?
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