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Example 1 Kymy is a secretary in an accounting firm.
Your home is a place of business and you travel directly to a place of employment.Danielle can claim the cost of the journey from the city store to the suburban store and from the alternate workplace to her home.In 2004-05 she was required to attend an important meeting at her employers other store in the suburbs and travels in her own car to that store.Each company depending on long haul / short haul, fuel buying power, vehicle types, fleet size, distribution and warehousing operations, and staffing will affect both the base rate and percentage of fuel used.For transport operators / truck owners, consult with design voucher online free your financial advisor before using the preset figures in the fuel levy calculator.Example 2, jason who is employed as a builders labourer generally works at a single building site for two or three months before moving onto another site.What is a fuel levy (sometimes called a fuel surcharge)?Scroll down to the Results: The Charge Rate Per Day in the freight rate cost estimate is used as the base rate figure in the calculator (indicated as 1693.90 if the preset figures in the calculator are used with the fuel price.00 less.You have to travel between home and work more than once a day.The Fuel levy figures are provided only for continuity with the figures shown in the Truck Operating Cost Calculator trial and do not represent a standardised operating cost.She uses this method to estimate that she traveled 720 business kilometres during the financial year for work purposes.
Jason is not engaged in itinerant work because: Each work site is considered to be a regular or fixed place of employment.
Having a problem getting the truck cost calculator to correlate with the fuel levy calculator?

This percentage of fuel cost is used to work out what the increase or decrease (due to fuel price fluctuations) may be to the"d freight rate and the difference in cost is added (or subtracted) to the base rate as a fee called the.Set "Current Fuel Price" to today's price.g.A fuel levy or surcharge is a fee used to accommodate fuel cost fluctuations in freight rates as a very transparent method.Set "Current Fuel Price per Litre" to today's price.g.As his duties require him to travel between sites on a regular basis, travel is an inherent part of his employment.The credit is used for the additional costs of capital and maintenance to meet the environmental criteria including the required reporting and administration.Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs.Here's an excerpt from our.As the meeting finished late she traveled directly home from the meeting.There is no public transport near where you work.
You cannot claim the cost of normal trips between home and work as the expense is private.