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About the refund process, diplomats are entitled to claim a rebate of the FET based to the extent of Article.3 of the Excise Tax Act, which states that:.3 (1) Where taxes under Parts III and VI have been paid in prom dress giveaway 2014 respect of gasoline.
Auto shut off nozzle, extra long hose : Our 6-metre delivery hose with anti-kink spring and hose swivel, makes it easier to fill diesel tanks on earthmoving equipment and construction vehicles.Rebate is only available to the original "end-user" and must be submitted as such from that person.Rebate cheque will be made out to and mailed to name and address given.To obtain a refund of the FET, eligible diplomats must complete the appropriate form and return it to the CRA.BD is not responsible for any claims that have not been received or delayed due to internet or electronic problems.General enquiries regarding this privilege, including questions concerning its application to categories of foreign representatives, can be directed to the Privileges and Immunities Unit of the Office of Protocol.Full list of features here Poly Diesel Tanks.Our diesel transfer tanks have a lockable lid, lockable filler cap, and the nozzle can be locked in place.Christmas - New Year trading : Closed 19 Dec re-open 9 Jan.Purchase BD Transmission and BD Torque Converter: 350 USD / 450 CAD.New York.598.567.544 -0.023.159 Ohio.249.334.200 -0.134 -0.120 Texas.239.201.144 -0.057.095 Washington.950.929.923 -0.006.396 Cities Boston.561.535.517 -0.018.291 Chicago.483.529.566.037.180 Cleveland.371.338.268 -0.070.009 Denver.Price of products must follow BD's pricing policies and be purchased from a recognized BD reseller or installer.

Rebate amounts: Purchase BD Transmission: 250 USD / 325 CAD.see, sizes Prices, long range diesel fuel tank, australia-wide delivery.Complies with AS and AS2809.2-2008, splash resistant floating ball system on the breather.Canada Revenue Agency website.Diesel grade tank, impact resistant, UV stabilised, each pump is individually tested, italian pump - 12volt, 45 ltr / minute.No more jerry cans- save your back!Designation order (2) The Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs certifying that Canadian diplomats posted in a foreign country are granted relief from tax on gasoline or diesel fuel, may, by order, designate the foreign country for the purposes.
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA which administers the Excise Tax Act, is responsible for processing FET refund applications.