discount airfare for funeral

As well as paying the fee to make a change, passengers usually have to pay the price difference on a last-minute ticket.
Bereavement fares are not advertised, and airlines take only personal bookings.
Generally, bereavement fares are a percentage off the normal ticket price, with discounts ranging from 5 to 25, depending on the airline.
This article on funeral planning is provided by Everplans The web's leading resource for planning and organizing your life.Contact the airline reservations number and speak directly to a representative to purchase a bereavement plane ticket.If you will be submitting this information after the flight for a refund in the amount of the discount, its a good idea to save all receipts, boarding passes, and other travel documents.Sometimes, the ticket terms and conditions don't allow any date changes or refunds.Search, find and compare the cheapest travel deals on cheap flights, cheap tickets, airline tickets, hotel deals, and vacations.As well as unadvertised, last-minute discounted fares, entertainer promotional code a representative may be able to suggest other ways to avoid the financial strain of a full-priced airfare.The name, phone number, and address of the funeral home.Most airlines define immediate family as: Spouse/domestic partner/fiancé, parent/legal guardian.Find Cheap Flights, round trip.Step and foster relatives also qualify, as well as engaged partners and domestic partners.Tip, westjet Airlines offers bereavement fares to family and guests who are flying to attend funerals of military personnel, emergency services personnel, firefighters or police officers.
Create, store and share important documents that your loved ones might need.

Speaking calmly and clearly after hearing sad news can be hard, and it may help to have all the necessary information written down or printed out.Alternatively, ask a friend to make the call.Child, sibling/step- or sibling, aunt/uncle.A bereavement can cut short a visit or vacation, which means changing the date of a flight ticket.Many airlines offer bereavement fares to immediate family members escorting a body on a plane and immediate family members attending a funeral with little advance notice.Some airlines also ask for the date of the funeral and a copy of the death certificate.The passengers relationship to the person who died.To apply for a bereavement airfare, the passenger needs to know the full name of the person who died, the name and contact details of the funeral home and the name of the funeral director.For some tickets, this can work out to be very expensive.
Also, before you speak to the agent make sure you qualify for the bereavement fare, and that you have all the necessary information that the airline might require.
How to Qualify for a Bereavement Fare.