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This handbag was made before the switch to Chinese manufacturing around 2002.
Coach Tutorial Sections: Coach CC Pattern, coach Labels, coach Hang Tag and Zippers, coach Lining, Hardware ( more).
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Every Coach factory started out with their own templates, therefore it is normal for them to be different.They've changed sizes, wet n wild promo code 2015 orlando fonts, wording, positioning of the numbers, everything.We have some hardware upgrades and migrations to do on site that require some of the site services to be shut down.Some bags such as the 2006 Legacy line can have as many as ten digits in the serial number, five on either side of the hyphen, and current bags made for the Factory Stores can have as many as eleven digits.Just because the creed of a certain bag does not correspond to the paramenters of another handbag does not confirm it is fake.The stamping should be even, the stitching should be straight and even and (usually) without double stitching, the words should be spelled correctly, and the punctuation and the spacing between words should follow standard (English) rules of grammar.Note : Up until the last few years, there was no standard placement for underscores, dashes and gaps.The other part is compartments that capable to accommodate the bigger size things such as clothes, shoes or the baby blanket.Coach post 1994 prefix: (x letter) Switch to alpha-numeric serial numbers.

More info on this type of label coming.For example K4M-5130 would be a Station Bag (5130 made in 1994 (the number 4 in the prefix).So every single Station Bag made in 1994 in that particular factory could have the identical serial number.Some have the dash closer to the first set of numbers, some are centered perfectly, some have space, others seem cramped.And the last is cases that really additive for extra storage where you can put milk bottle or another baby equipments.Image of fake Coach Label: (Note the misspellings, some words run together, and the Coach impression on top is faint).This vintage Coach lablel reads much different than the updated post 2002 Coach Creed.Some bags have been seen with an "X" in the right corner.501-20 all similar numbers starting with 101-, 202-, 501-, 701-, etc., followed by 2 or 3 numbers after the dash and usually with a patch that says "made in Korea".Note : If you purchase from an unauthorized dealer, call Coach, their representatives will verify if the authenticity number matches the style, (Coach contact link at the bottom of tutorial).This is also a warning sign that the bag is not real Coach.