discounts on steam 2016

The free games list includes "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture "Watch Dogs "Resident Evil HD Remaster "Infamous Second Son and "The Evil Within.".
Meanwhile, owners of the Hard Reset Redux and Shadow Warrior may rejoice as the remastered version of cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset is now available on Steam, and they can get it at a steep discount, Game Spot reported.(Also see: Meet the Company That's Made It Easier to Buy Games via Steam In India how to buy raffles hotel wedding lunch 2015 games during the Steam Winter Sale using cash on delivery.Name of the Game Release Date Discount Old / Price New / Price Fallout 4 Nov 10,.99.79 The Witcher 3 May 18,.99/29.99.99/14.99 Just Cause III Dec 1,.99/49.99.99/12,49 Dying Light: The Following Jan 26,.99/49.99.99/19.99 Cities: Skylines Mar 10,.99/27.99.49/6,99 Grand Theft Auto.If youre looking to buy games from publishers such as EA, CD Project RED, or Ubisoft, youd do well to check out Origin, GOG, and Uplay respectively.As of writing this article, no confirmation yet announced about the exact date of game discount from Valve.However, rumor suggests that it will run from June 23 to July.
And if you're confused with what to buy during the Steam Winter Sale, check out our videos of the best games of 2016 in this piece to help you out.
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During this time, you will be able to buy games at a discounted price.With 2017 upon us, 2016 still has room for one more big Steam sale.What are you buying during the Steam Winter Sale?Especially not this close to New Years Eve.This was confirmed earlier in the month via popular gaming forum NeoGAF.Valve requested confidentiality from publishers when it comes gaming discounts, Kit Guru reported, however, after a couple of years, the release of the announcement has become earlier.