eating contest records

You can also stream the action online.
ET and the men's contest follows the women's, beginning at 12:30.m. .
Elmo Shrimp Cocktail/Indianapolis, IN 8 minutes/December 3, 2016 Joey Chestnut Shrimp Wontons 390 shrimp wontons/CP Biggest Eater Competition Minutes/February 11, 2012 Joey Chestnut Silver Dollar Pancakes 113 1oz Silver Dollar Pancakes / Silver Dollar Fair 8 minutes / May 28, 2016 Matt Stonie Slugburgers.Update Ethan Teske won the Minneapolis contest.26, 2003 Sonya Thomas Turkey (Whole).35 lbs whole turkey / Foxwoods Turkey Eating Championship 10 minutes / November 22, 2014 Joey Chestnut Turkey (Whole Short Form.91 lbs roast turkey meat/Spike TV 8 Minutes/Nov.He says that Tim "Eater X" Janus was his first choice for partner and he wouldn't change that decision despite their elimination in Wednesday's episode.Bill "El Wingador" Simmons will compete and NFL lineman Jahri Evans will referee.

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Coverage begins at 10:50.m.He says he is disappointed there was no big eating challenge during the race and he wishes he had ran more before starting to get in better shape.Chestnut is the "athlete" who holds 44 records in Major League Eating.Matt Stonie, baby Back Ribs (short form).24 lbs Baby Back Ribs/Ribfest Chicago 8 minuntes / June 10, 2011.8, 2007 Patrick Bertoletti Peeps 255 Peeps / National Harbor, MD 5 min / April 8, 2017 Matt Stonie Pelemeni 274 Russian dumplings 6 minutes Dale Boone Pepperoni Rolls 36 Pepperoni Rolls / WV Three Rivers Festival 10 minutes / May 27, 2017 Geoffrey Esper.At The Taste of Buffalo 8 Minutes / July 9, 2016 Gideon Oji Key Lime Pie.8 pounds Key Lime Pie 8 minutes/Mar.Beef Tongue 3 pound 3 ounces pickled beef tongue whole 12 minutes, dominic Cardo, beef Tri-Tip 4 lbs 11 ounces/Colusa Casino World Tri-Tip Eating Challenge 12 minutes/June 28, 2009 Hall Hunt Birthday Cake.5 pounds/West Palm Beach, FL 8 Minutes/Feb 14, 2015 Matt Stonie Blueberry.Arrivederci Pizza in Brisbane, QLD will hold a metre long pizza eating contest on February 20 awarding 1000 to the winner.Update, the channel has been reinstated, but many of the videos have been age restricted.2, 2006 Patrick Bertoletti Krystal Hamburgers, 2 pensioner rebate sydney water minutes 39 Krystal Hamburgers 2 minutes/September 2007 Bob Shoudt Lobster Rolls 41 Lobster Rolls in Boston challenge 10 minutes/Sept."Big Eater Mike" Whities and Brett "Branimal" Healy set a new record of 37:58 for the 12 pound two person King Kookamonga burger challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis.