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They know Energy Efficiency Alberta programs will reduce their energy bills and provide them the tools they need to save money.
Purchase any eligible, energy-efficient refrigerator, clothes washer or smart thermostat, then use our application form to input your information and upload your receipt.Youll need to upload it to our web site to receive a rebate.Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd generation (T3016CA).Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd generation (T3017CA).Best Buy, co-op, costco, eecol Electric, home Depot.You will receive your rebate via mail within 6 - 8 weeks.

Getting a rebate through the Online Rebates program is easy.Retailers across Alberta will have these products available in store and will promote the rebates through flyers and other advertising.Monica Curtis, CEO, Energy Efficiency Alberta.Starting April 28, Albertans will be eligible for valuable rebates on energy-efficient insulation, windows and tankless hot water heaters.And, once youve purchased an energy-efficient refrigerator, clothes washer, or smart thermostat, youll immediately begin to save money on your energy bills too.Our government is helping Albertans save and making life more affordable.Online Rebates: You will be able to buy qualifying clothes washers, refrigerators and smart thermostats, and apply for rebates online.Basement, r-0, r-12.12, the R-value of insulation measures its resistance to heat transfer.