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Blackledge Seattle pi via Associated Press August 13, 2009 11:33.m.
A 2017 lowes shower sweeps study in the, american Economic Journal found that the program, intended to increase consumer spending, reduced total new vehicle spending by 5 billion.67 A collection of charities, under the umbrella of Pete Palmer 's Vehicle Donation Processing Center, reported.5 decline in car donations in the month the Car Allowance Rebate System debuted.Cars that might have been donated for tax breaks instead turned in to dealerships".The rule was overridden with 60 votes, despite some senators, including Sam Brownback, being uncomfortable with a last-minute change that called for the bill's funding to come from "deficit spending" rather than from the stimulus package that was originally agreed upon."Last-Minute 'Clunker' Car Traders May Be Too Late"."Car Allowance Rebate System - Helpful Q As for Consumers - Formerly Referred to as "Cash for Clunkers".27 Dealers also had eat me guilt free coupons difficulty getting paperwork processed.A lot of people who were able to participate were buying anyway, but their trade-in value jumped significantly.

For other uses, see cars staples intuit rebate (disambiguation)."The "I Hate the Poor" Act of 2009: Who Really Benefits from Cash for Clunkers Program".31 New car dealers will be able to reduce the purchase price by the amount of the voucher for which that the customer is eligible.A b c d e Thomas, Ken.44 45 The DoT also commented that the program participants were downsizing, rather than making one-for-one replacements, and turning in their old trucks and SUVs for new small sedans, 42 as 83 of the trade-ins were trucks, and 60 of new purchases were cars.Retrieved ead link a b c "Extra 2B approved for 'cash for clunkers."A Modest Proposal: Eco-Friendly Stimulus".To auto recyclers, a car's engine is considered to be the most valuable part of a junked car.Government and the program time length was July 1 November."Spurring Sales, Car Rebate Plan Is Left Up in Air"."We find that the program induced the purchase of an additional 360,000 cars in July and August 2009.
A b "House Votes to Add 2 Billion To Cash-for-Clunkers Program".
15 A number of organizations advised Congress in developing the program including aceee, 16 CAP Action Fund 17 and SmartTransportation.