expiration date on gift certificates new york

Utah : No expiration date if not printed or information is not included.
Oregon : No fees.
It replaced them last November with gift cards, which do not have expiration dates.A gift card that will charge this fee must include notice in ten point font.There are a variety of types of gift cards and certificates.After a dormancy fee is assessed, the remaining value on the gift card is redeemable in cash on demand.State laws vary, but they can provide further protections such barcode discount as: longer expiration dates, or no expiration dates; fewer or no fees; more disclosures; and, in a few states, the right to redeem the gift card for cash.Permits a 1 per month fee only when the card has a balance voucher code hotel com of 5 or less, the card has been unused for 24 months, the card is reloadable and the fee is properly disclosed.No fees after 13 months for cards with a balance; that time frame is now 25 months.Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York wants everyone to do their homework to maximize their gift cards.No fees for first year.Expiration and fees must be printed in readable manner on instrument, packaging or record.Does not cover rewards or loyalty cards, or cards issued for a food product.Cards expire no earlier than five years from the date purchased.

Hawaii: Funds on gift cards do not expire unless the card has an expiration date.Prepared by: Consumers Union Financial Services Team Consumers Union.S., Inc.Tennessee : No fees for two years.That was back in December 2005, the New York man said.Gift certificates may be good for a "one time" use or may be rechargeable by the consumer.Ohio : No fees for two years.South Carolina : No expiration dates for first year, unless expiration date is on front of card in capitalized letters in 10-point font.