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Alcoholic: A person you dont like who drinks as much as you.
Education Budget: Money you allocate each month for movies and magazines.Heredity: The bad traits a child gets from the other side of the family.You gotta try game out!High Heels: the invention of a woman who had been kissed windows 7 free download full version with crack on the forehead.Common uses are ejecting disks from locked up Macintoshes or CD-ROM drives that dont want to give you your CD back, testing batteries, and prying staples out of things that shouldnt have staples in them.Pardon: To remit a penalty and restore to the life of crime.A man who undertakes the management of our spiritual affairs as a method of bettering his temporal ones;.What your face will be after six straight hours of smiling for wedding pictures.Organ Transplant: What you do to your piano when you move.The pleasure of being sad;.Disappointment: When they call to tell you the Doctor had an emergency.Either way, video tape for great viewing later.
Liberation of the people from the burdens of liberty.

When the girl you smile at thinks you are one of her father friends;.A nasty software developer.Treble: Women aint nothin but.Plastodon: A person whose face is 51 or more plastic from reconstructive surgery.(collegiate definition) the kin you love to touch.A form of gambling in which we bet our chance of escaping disaster, and win only when we lose;.Stroke: Any forward movement of the club that is made with the intention of hitting and moving the ball and is observed by another golfer.
The art of wasting only your own time;.
Work Days: An unfortunate lapse of time occurring somewhere between paid holidays and sick and annual leave.