five finger discount idiom

Work fingers to bone A person who works their fingers to the walmart employee discount card black friday bone is extremely hardworking.
In Fable, the player can steal just about everything not environment geometry as long as their dexterity is high enough and nobody's looking.
All finger s and thumbs If you are all fingers and thumbs, you are awkward and clumsy and do things incorrectly.
Obviously they're not watching close enough!Rebellious Princess sometimes does this for the sheer thrill of what is a tax rebate ireland it, or because they honestly believe they don't have to pay for anything; expect some kind.In the Charlie Chaplin film The Floorwalker, a group of shoppers strip a display in a department store bare while the salesman is trying run The Tramp out of the store.I'm all fingers and thumbs!The hitchhiker is very proud of his work and is even able to remove the belt from the narrator without attracting attention.Certain missions involve using the skill to surreptitiously acquire important items.Freudian Excuse to come into play.Where will all the schemies go, To nick stuff now?
Which he uses to hold himself hostage.

Due to the art style, Haley Starshine of The Order of the Stick once refers to this as the three-finger discount.The other Stooges are guilty of this from time to time In Animal House, one sweep the streets like michelangelo of the characters steals food for a party by hiding it in his jacket.In Cougar Town, Jules is upset that she didn't get in trouble when she was younger like the others, so she tries shoplifting to prove herself.Dawn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns out to have a bit of kleptomania, but after that little side plot is solved it's quickly forgotten.Do any of the employees have sticky fingers?Fingers - Knuckles - Thumbs, finger(s) five finger discount, if somebody gets a five-finger discount, they take something without paying; in other words, they steal.For information about the activities in this town, you should talk to John Brown. .