free apple products giveaway 2015

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We know this because we've run countless competitions and given away everything from MacBook Airs to iPads.And as a bob's discount furniture miami kicker, as m has pointed out, the domain name was only registered this month.MoneySavingExpert suggests that Madbid will take your money: charging you for bid packages.A free iPhone, or an iPhone for 1 - how can I resist?You'll see links to stories around the web claiming that there is a loophole that retailers don't want you to know about that means you can get an iPad for free.If you want to see the article for yourself (please do not click anything!
These phone calls can be quite expensive, so we'd advise you to avoid phoning in to win a prize.

Read next: iPad buying guide autumn/winter 2015: Which iPad is best for you?This article is your guide to avoiding 'free iPhone' scams, including a couple of particular scams we've spotted and you will want to avoid.How to get a free iPhone or iPad: work for it Nobody is going to give you an iPad for free.If you see a brand you know, and trust, such as Macworld, then you can be pretty sure the competition is on the level.The internet is awash with offers of free iPhones and free iPads.Naked Security blog that this was a scam, explaining that: "The rogue app instantly posts a message to your Facebook wall, in your name, encouraging your friends to also click for a chance to win an iPad mini.".Sites like m have a Computers Competition section that have crowd-sourced (and hopefully checked) competitions.Is it actually possible to win a 'free iPhone' or a 'free iPad as promised by the adverts you'll have seen online?