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Enter your cutie for a chance to win in November Winners, congratulations to November's winners!
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Submit your favorite photo.The owner and author of this website is not taking any responsibility of what you choose to do with the information you read on this website.Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated, sponsored or related to Gerber in anyway, shape or form.Win Big Like Scout!Enter your kid for a chance to win 25, 's CuteKid of the Year.Register under the desired photo coffee club raffles place map contest.Couple Photo Contest: The photographs should be of these categories:- Cute Couple Moments, Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Anniversay or Couple Holidays etc.We run these contests each month and sort list total 21 winners (7 from each category) based on the votes received.You can submit photo of your cute baby from 0-12 years.It is the opinions of the website's owner for entertainment purposes and not be taken as voucher tagalog legal advice.Enter a photo today.The prize money listed under each subsequent category are subjected to go even higher if the number of participants under those categories grow big.What is there for winners?Share with your friends on Social Media.To get the more details, also visit rules prizes section in our website.Ask for their support through votes likes.
The winners are awarded cash prizes or lucrative shopping vouchers from Amazon and Flipkart.

Birthday Photo Contest: The photographs must be unique birthday celebration moments or the gifts or cakes you received on your birthday.Enter your kid for a chance to win 25,000 get votes and win your share of 500!Enter your CuteKid today and have a chance to be the next big winner and win tons of prizes.The first Prize starts from 99 and do vary according to the contest.Win by getting maximum votes!You as a smart individual should do your own research and be responsible for your own actions.What you need to do?Eligibility Conditions: Cute Baby Photo Contest: The kids age should not be more than 12 years.
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