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None of which I minded in the least, until now ).
Your wedding day is next October.Thats fine, theyll look hideous.END OF email, question HOW professional IS megan mook NOW?The future is here!Had you sent me that email one day earlier, I certainly would have thrown the disc in the trash, sent your whopping 50 back, and not given it a second thought.
I know you stated you could care less what else ( I ) backcountry promo code april 2016 have going on but the reality is, there are other people getting married in the area.

I do not give guarantees to anyone without a contract, because A: I can get into legal trouble if something were to happen and their album was late, and B: because they are paying me a lot of money to deliver the biggest day.How great would it be to have a wireless security monitoring system?Sundays are my only days-off with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas.Here is a list of reasons why.And where else can you find all the help and vendors you need in one place?Let me preface by letting you know that I am sorry that you are upset and unsatisfied, and truly hope you find a photographer for your big day that is able to deliver exactly what you are expecting.You asked me if you could switch it to an engagement session instead.Or, you can put time and effort into it and *shocker* make it look like actual photography!Oh, and for yourself too!Our entire goal in doing that giveaway was to choose a deserving bride and gift her free photos of her in her wedding dress.So silly and unprofessional.
Megan Mook was the photographer that was doing the photo shoot.
Now, I may be wrong, but those responses sure seem understanding and perfectly willing.