gift certificate expiration illinois

(b) On or after January 1, 2008, no person shall sell a gift certificate that is subject to: (1) an expiration date earlier than 5 years after the date of issuance; or (2) a post-purchase fee.
Some states but not all have adopted rules that give consumers protections above and beyond card Act protections.
If an expiration date is not posted directly on the gift card, a toll-free number must be provided so the consumer can determine when the card expires.Gift cards issued before Jan.For example, some states prohibit gift cards from ever expiring, which is a stronger protection than the ban on expiration dates sooner than five years found under the card Act.The expiration date and fees must be legibly printed on the card.State Gift Card Consumer Protection Laws 2013 Update.No service fees, including dormancy fees.Does not cover cards usable with multiple unaffiliated merchants.Covers gift cards usable at single store or chain."Gift certificate" also includes a credit slip issued by a store to a consumer who returns goods that enables the consumer to receive other goods of similar value in exchange for the returned goods.The statement may appear on the front or back of the gift certificate in a location where it is visible to any purchaser prior to the purchase.
Kansas : No fees for one year.

For Immediate Release, november 23, 2007, contact: Robyn Ziegler (cell) *consumer alert*consumer alert.No fees except for purchasing the card itself.A gift cardholder has the option to redeem the card for cash when the face value of the card has declined to an amount less than 5 and the card has been used for at least one purchase. Dormancy fees cannot exceed 2/month.No fees if not printed or information is not included.Arizona : Expiration and fees allowed only if they are made clearly visible to consumer before purchase.Michigan : No post-sale fees (initial purchase fee allowed).For information concerning the relationship tablet buy online usa between statutes and Public Acts, refer to the.Tennessee : No fees for two years.Ohio : No fees for two years.
A gift card that will charge this fee must include notice in ten point font.
Covers cards that can be used at multiple unaffiliated merchants, gift certificates or store gift cards.