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This is design best-practice.
Doing this (provided the design elements are proven) alongside a straightforward giveaway building platform makes it easy to create a lot of consistently successful campaigns.
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Think about blurb promo code uk 2015 it - it's the Biryani festival in Dubai.Or perhaps 25 off a massage or limited-time coupon for one of the stores they're offering in their prize.You type "Biryani Festival" into Facebook chimney sweep portland oregon reviews and, because of the buzz already floating around this campaign, this page pops.The merchant also included a bit more detail about what they offer (best practice when your prize is a gift card or store credit) which worked to give them an insight into what they could buy with their winnings.Template: Though you cant tell it within this one campaign, all of this merchants campaigns are created with the same optimized designs within the same template (see below for their impressive conversion rates).Consider Father's Day, Christmas, Back-to-School and Valentine's Day when you run your next Facebook Giveaway.Why This Facebook Giveaway Was so Successful: The Prize: London Drugs is a department store which sells everything from makeup and aspirin to pyjamas and cameras.Real-world Facebook Giveaway Example #1: The Numbers: This giveaway received 57,100 views and an impressive.94 conversion rate, giving them 49,000 emails for prizes worth about 1200.Facebook Contest App, just so you know!Dunnellon, FL See more recent winners Terms of Service Privacy Policy 2018 Meredith Corporation.Why This Facebook Giveaway Was so Successful: Multiple Prizes: A daily or weekly prize doesn't multiplies how likely people think it is that they'll win (and not thinking you're going to win is the primary reason people don't enter).Meade, KS Multi-Cooker Judi.
Focus on timely promotions, run based around a theme or event your target market is already thinking about (like getting fit in February and Christmas above) as well as eye-catching visuals.

First: This is going to have dropped their entries by at least 100 - probably halved them.Why This Facebook Giveaway Was so Successful: Simplicity: It's summer, you're a parent, and you see a contest giving away free passes for a water park.If 1 of the 12,278 entries converts (which is a bit low, you'll have to admit) and whatever they buy is worth 50, the business makes more than 61,000 revenue.Why This Facebook Giveaway Was so Successful: The Prize: I've talked before (in this article) about using a giftcard or multiple product package as your prize, as it's more appealing to more people.The colors: The background picture (which is a great one) is gray, as is the text and even the headline.A simple contest like the one above, with a prize universally appealing to every folica promotion code december 2014 adult in the world, is as close to a guaranteed win as we get.
And the same goes for people on your website.