giveaway price meaning

To give, usually to several people.
The Sun (2017)We gave away voice final 12 contestants two sloppy goals.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)One example is giving away something to which you are too attached.
This lock looks solid, but it will give under pressure.The Sun (2015)It did not use the boosts of low inflation and lower debt interest to fund giveaways.The Sun (2008)When you spot what looks like a giveaway price - check.Times, Sunday Times (2008)The big giveaway: there is no swearing.Times, Sunday Times (2015) Today most are given away free.To give etc (something) to someone ( eg because one no longer wants it).Computing (2010)She's also very self-contained and gives away very little of herself personally.I weigh sixty-five kilos, give or take a little ( approximately sixty-five kilos).To cause to have.To come to an end.Times, Sunday Times (2008)There are many giveaway signs to getting old.John Cassidy N (2001)The father of four gave away 100,000 during his stay.
Times, Sunday Times (2015)The short answer was that they kept giving away cheap penalties in kicking range.

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Read more, putting it on skin is thought to help reduce sun damage - one of the biggest giveaways of ageing skin.The Sun (2016)here'S a great giveaway that could prove you are not to blame if you have a crash.The Sun (2015)Making us sell or give away homes will bring our plans for more affordable housing to an abrupt halt.To agree against one's will.Times, Sunday Times (2008)We have ten copies of the book to give away.To break, collapse etc under pressure.The Sun (2008)There were no big tax raids and no big tax giveaways.