good giveaway idea

Help decide a book cover Here's an example how a crowdsourcing contest can be done: (Gary Vaynerchuk asks his fans to help decide the title of his new book) If he'd wanted, he could have easily made this into a contest where the winners win.
One best practice I upholstery fabric by the yard sale see all the time for companies that run social media giveaways is sharing great entries.
The downside to this type of contest is that your post often wont receive a ton of traction (reach).
Company Swag, here's a no-brainer prize idea: give away your company swag!You can also use photos to attract attention and caption your photo with the incomplete sentence.Though contests are great at any time, Im of the opinion that theyre much more engaging when they revolve around some central theme.Here is an example of a "Like to Win" contest:.One way to emphasize the benefit that your contest provides your entrants is to highlight the actual value of your prize.The internet is abuzz with the cheers of joyous Facebook page owners!Customize something for the winner of your Facebook contest - a limited edition prize available only to contestants.This is awesome because it helps you build your social following, and spread the word about your giveaway to your entrants friends and family.Vote for your Favorite Photo Facebook Contest Ask for photo submissions, and then ask your fans to vote for their favorite.That company is clearly getting the wrong people to Like their Facebook page.TIP: you can use Post Planner's awesome "Fill-in-the-blank" category in their.The winner of your contest becomes your next brand ambassador.

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Run ads on Facebook or Instagram (they use the same editor) and target precisely to people who will likely be interested in your contest and your brand based on interest or location.But you have a limited budget, buy a gift voucher expiry right?Comment to win a free.Since it is so easy, contests like these generally drive tons of participation.Chances are, its full of a few active customers, tons of inactive ones, and even more people who are interested in your products but have never actually purchased anything.Try asking fans what they want to win.This is a great way to get fans to participate while also giving you some great ideas to help with a problem.Share these images on your social platforms, tagging the user who created the content.As much as we love the idealism of organic reach, we also recognize its not a great way to reach new customers.Be a Brand Ambassador, heres a wild idea.