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This resulted in an hour-long compilation of Toonami remixes, called the Toonami: Black Hole Megamix, but for unknown reasons was never published.
On November 7, 2015, a companion comic for The Intruder II was made available on the Toonami Tumblr that features TOM 4, Flash and D, facing off against the Intruder.The Saturday evening block airs weekly from 7:30-10:30 PM in Mandarin Chinese.TOM's faithful companion, sara, was also introduced during the event.6 November 6, 2000 November 10, Superman: The Animated Series November 13, 2000 June 1, Outlaw Star January 15, 2001 February 6, 2002 26 (only 25 aired) 22 The Big O April 2, 2001 July 13, 2001 26 (only 13 aired) 23 Cardcaptors June.A year later, CNX was relaunched as Toonami and was then targeted at younger audience.Toonami Staff Current Toonami Staff Toonami Credits 1997 Former Toonami Staff Toonami Programming For a full list of schedules that have been broadcast by Toonami since March 17, buy carpet online dubai 1997 go to Toonami Lineups (1997-2004), Toonami Lineups (2004-2008) and Toonami Lineups (2012-Present).Unlike its predecessors, Toonami Asia and Toonami India, the programming featured on Toonami France is dubbed into the country's native language.Willem DafoeRuPaul CharlesRoy Wood.Fan-made projects Main article: Fan-made projects Toonami has had multiple fan made websites and projects over the years.Trigun and Astro Boy, two series that were never shown on the original Toonami, were also shown.The final 4 episodes of Zoids: Chaotic Century were shown for the first and last time on any Toonami block on January 4, 2003 as part of Super Saturday. .1 Kids' WB Toonami From July 30, 2001 until June 30, 2002 Kids' WB aired a Toonami block that was, more or less, the Kids' WB lineup with the Toonami name.Toonami Comics Main article: Toonami Comics Toonami has released multiple comics during its history.
Online Video Services Toonami Reactor Main article: Toonami Reactor On April 30, 2001, Cartoon Network launched Toonami Reactor, their first online streaming video service.
On March 17, 2007, Toonami celebrated its 10th anniversary with the introduction of TOM 4, and the jungle control room called Flowus 3 with a trio of new robots- Flash, D and a new Clyde.

The name is a combination of the words cartoon and tsunami, suggesting that the block is a "tidal wave" of animated shows.September 9, 2006 46 Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo September 16, 2006 47 Naruto: The Adventures of Naruto!The block's programming consists of mostly anime series.Freeze: SubZero January 15, 1999 3 Jonny Quest.After the three-month "trial run" was over, Cartoon Network took it offline and completely revamped.August 6, 2005 September 10, (only 6 aired) 60 Naruto September 10, 2005 September 20, (only 199 aired) 61 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo October 1, 2005 October 13, igpx November 5, 2005 July 1, 2006 26 (only 20 aired) 63 Wulin Warriors February 4, 2006 February.From 20, Toonami relied on original and library tracks from various artists from publisher Ninja Tune.GXP November 10, 2012 May 11, Naruto December 1, 2012 September 6, Soul Eater February 16, 2013 March 15, igpx April 27, 2013 January 31, One Piece May 18, 2013 March 18, 2017 Ongoing (only 178 aired) 18 Sword Art Online July 27, 2013 February.The song "Hot Topic" on Le Tigre's self-titled debut pays tribute to dozens of visual artists, musicians, writers, feminists and others who have inspired them.
In 2004, the Toonami channel got rid of TOM and sara and adopted a new look, featuring spinning and sliding red and black squares in different forms on a light blue background.
On September 22, 2014, on the official Toonami Tumbler it was announced that Beware the Batman and Sym-Bionic Titan had been written off by Cartoon Network and will never appear on Toonami again.