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Without careful planning, it's easy to overspecialize.More specifically, elementalist females do this with almost every set they have.Knowing how to use it all effectively is the challenge.A lot of this game is just plain gorgeous.Due to the longevity of the game and the fact that a number of areas boasting once-highly-desirable weapons have been excessively farmed, many once-rare weapon skins are now considered strictly merchant fodder.It was originally a fortress to keep Abaddon in though, and was said by an NPC there to be corrupted by him.Monks have some armour sets consisting of underwear and tattoos, while necromancers have sets consisting of underwear and tattoos or scars.Badass Normal : In the game you have mages, necromancers, illusionists, spirit-callers, divine conduits, scythe-wielding furies, shadow jumping assassins, priests of healing and smiting, hunters that can charm beasts and summon nature spirits, and warriors.You would almost have to be actively trying to get them killed to lose even one.The Henchmen get it worst and are barely used, especially when you could fill the entire party with heroes.Melandru, god of nature.Another major update (spring 2010) added the "War in Kryta" subplot, which provides daily "Shining Blade bounties similar in concept to the "Zaishen Bounties" (except that this time the player is directed to kill specifically White Mantle bosses in exchange for "War Supplies" which can.

Actually, 2 platinum, but a bug allows you not to pay at all.The preview for the game, before Prophecies came out, ended with hundreds of clones of Gwen annihilating everyone in Ascalon City with ridiculously powerful fire magic.Shoot the Medic First : Standard practice.Nightfall, thankfully, has a much more fair difficulty curve.It's strongly implied that the events of the first game, especially the war between the humans and the Charr, were engineered by the Five Gods for inscrutable reasons.And a few "Students.E.You are a hero, you are." Player: "A killer?We are working on a solution.After helping out against them for a bit, you find out that your allies so far, the White Mantle, are an oppressive militant church, and you agree to help against them.And then there's the fact that each level requires approximately the same amount of time.All because the Ministry's answer, your answer, to anything they consider wrong is to remove.
Mechanically, they're nothing special.
Acolyte Jin has a rather noticable jiggle every time she fires her bow.