hafs english essay contest

What have you done to prepare yourself for the future?
Judges will award points based on originality (i.e., do you present a unique perspective?) accuracy (i.e., is your information credible?
Click here for a, printable flyer.State your opinion and explain why.Living Healthy Lives as Queer Teenagers.Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony at French Mornings annual.If so, what are the reasons for your decision?Why do you think Korea ranks so low in teenage happiness?Prizes: High School 1st: 400 for the student and 250 for their school.Queer Foundation of their names, images, and biographical information in promotional efforts related to the.We're Here and We're Queer: Interviews with Queer Teenagers and Their Friends.Recently, the term plutocratic despotism ( )-referring to people acting high-handedly- has been gaining attention in our society, As more and more people present abusive attitude toward those who are of the lower status in the service industry, the problem seems to grow severly.We want to hear the stories of bilingual students, speaking any languages, who are attending school in the greater Bay area. .Boah KIM 2017 Representative of Team Korea for wsdc(World Schools Debating Championship) Bali 2016 Gwangju Youth English Debating Championship: champion, 2nd Top Speaker 2016 MK English Economy Debate Tournament: Semi-finalist, 5th Best Speaker, EFL 1st Best Speaker 2015 hafs Debate Championship Adjudicator 2015 kmla Nationwide.What do you think about this idea?

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Do you think movies or dramas that deal with historical events distort our history or do you think they help raising awareness and interests regarding our history?The Ancient Greek aphorism "Know thyself (Know yourself) is one of the famous maxims.Is there something that you really want to do in your life?More information is available on the scholarship application form.What do you think is the single greatest invention thats been made for humanity?If you could add a function to a cell phone, what is your suggestion?Have you been to a zoo before?In addition you must affirm that the essay you submit has not been submitted elsewheree.
What do you want to record most for the year 2015?