holiday contest ideas

If your company wants to take full advantage of these short and crucial two months on Facebook you need to be aware of two things: Your timing, your need to stand out, when it comes to the matter of timing it seems that the phrase.
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 11 Pet Holiday Party, because cats and dogs like nothing more than to be dressed up (as you can clearly see from how happy this costco military discount uk cat looks why not throw a party for them and their adorable outfits?
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 7 Yule Ball, holiday parties involving mistletoe usually involve a good deal of awkward lingering and shame, but that's probably because no one was under the impression they were at playstation promo codes 2015 a themed ball (because they weren't).
How do you market your online business during the holiday season?So there is no reason why 2014 shouldnt be a jolly good one.Listen to this post as a podcast.What kind of holiday shopper are you?In the summer's hottest month, people pretend it's Christmascomplete with a tree, gift exchange, and hearty meal.Make sure to create cool content and let your fans have fun answering a series of questions.Gussy up your home with traditional chalet accoutrements (furry rugs, basically anything wood-finished, a fireplace if you may) and have your guests roll up in their best Fair Isle sweaters and down vests for a night of hot chocolate, pints of beer, and s'mores.
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 6 Craftstravaganzaa, at the beginning of the holiday season, gather your friends together to channel your inner domestic goddesses with a party that revolves aroundyou guessed itcrafting.

Recreate your own epic Yule Ball with some upbeat holiday-themed music (dance-y numbers encouraged a dress code, a considerable amount of spiked punch and hors d'oeuvres at the ready, and some strategically placed mistletoe branches.Kick off with the coupon blitz.This will enable you to benefit from the potential purchase and generate new leads.If this timeline freaks you out because you still dont have a solid plan or a huge budget that would made you stand out in the upcoming marketing frenzy, here are some Facebook holiday contest ideas that honor the holiday tradition of giving.Grant a wish, customers love telling you what they think and your Facebook Page is a proof that they want to be a part of the process that delivers.New data from Facebooks strategic and preferred marketing developer, Marin Software, shows that brands traditionally invest heavily in advertising from mid-December through to Christmas.
What Facebook contests have worked for you?