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Current STC point value 23 ex GST.
Use a licensed tradesperson for all plumbing, gas and electrical work needed when installing your new water heater.Check your shower flow rate, some shower heads can use up to 25 litres of water a minute.Water heater running costs, water heaters last for many years, so its important to consider the ongoing running costs as well as purchase charleston daily meal deals price.Like you, the Australian Federal State Governments are committed to a cleaner and greener future and they are supporting your efforts to 'go solar' with the Renewable Energy Target scheme.The calculator helps you compare up-front costs, annual running costs, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emissions produced by different types of heaters.If your flow rate is tennessee titans draft sweepstakes more than 9 litres per minute, consider installing a three-star rated efficient shower head.No interest loan scheme (nils) nils provides fee-free interest-free loans for people living on a low income.While some efficient models may cost more to buy, they may cost less to run and therefore save you money in the long run.You should always refer to the relevant regulation or legislation published by the respective governments to ascertain the relevant criteria before applying for a Rebate.Some suppliers offer finance options, so you can install your water heater now and pay it off over time.Dux Hot Water is a registered agent so therefore STCs can be claimed directly through us, contact us for more details or fill out the application form below.The most common way of selling STCs is by getting a point of sale discount on your new system from your retailer or installer and assigning the STCs to them.The Australian Governments YourHome website explains what electrical, gas and solar hot water systems are and how they work.By changing to a more efficient shower head that uses 9 litres per minute or less, you'll save on your water and energy costs.How to save water and energy video.
This change takes affect as of 1 November 2012.

Step 3 To determine the flow rate in litres per minute, multiply the amount of water you collected in 10 seconds by 6, eg if you collected.8 litres in 10 seconds,.8 x.8 litres per minute.If you have a storage water heater, the stored water must be kept at a minimum temperature of 60oC.Federal Government - Renewable Energy Target (RET).Loans can be used to purchase essential household items, like hot water systems, and are typically repaid over 12 or 18 months.Owners of STCs are entitled to receive a benefit when they create or choose to assign the creation of their stcs to a third party.For further information about STCs and to find out how many your new water heater could receive, see the Clean Energy Regulator's website.Once you have had an eligible hot water system installed, you can assign the STCs to a registered agent in exchange for reimbursement or discount off the price of the system.Use and maintain your water heater as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure it is safe and runs efficiently.For more information or call Dux Hot Water.Before you buy, read consumer reviews and guides, get a number of"s to compare your options and look for any special offers or payment offers that could help lower your upfront costs.Choose a water heater that best suits the size of your home (eg how many people live in your home, how many bathrooms there are) and think about the space available to install a water heater.